The 2007 Great North American Secchi Dip-In

The 2007 Great North American Secchi Dip-In
June 23 to July 15, 2006

The annual Secchi Dip-In is in its 14th year. Thanks to the participation of volunteers in programs such as yours, the Dip-In continues to demonstrate that volunteers can collect quality data over an entire continent.

The Dip-In is a network of volunteer programs, each supplying the data for local programs and, together with all the other Dip-In participants, gathering and providing continent-wide (and world-wide) information.

Please think of participating long-term in the Dip-In. It is critical that we know if our nations' waters are degrading or not. Although each of us can answer this question on a local basis with our volunteer data, we need to see the big picture as well.

To date Dip-In volunteers have provided data on more than 1,800 waterbodies for five or more years. We encourage stream, estuary, and marine programs, as well as lake and reservoir programs to participate. We accept data from all sorts of turbidity instruments, not only Secchi disks, as well as temperature, pH, oxygen, chlorophyll, and total phosphorus. Data from any part of the year are always welcome.

We are again asking your help to notify your volunteers of the Dip-In. Please use the Dip-In event to advertise your own program's efforts. There is a Dip-In Announcement and a press release you can modify at our website.

A copy of a 2007 Dip-In questionnaire is also available at our site although we strongly encourage volunteers to enter the data at the website. If your program has never participated before, please let me know who you are so that we can assign an ID number to your volunteers. We hope that you will continue to participate this year

Bob Carlson
Dip-In Coordinator
Dept. of Biological Sciences
Phone: 330-672-3992
Kent State University
E-Mail: rcarlson@kent.eduKent, OH 44242

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