The planet’s freshwater supply is terribly managed

Just in case you HAVEN’T heard about the planet’s fresh water, what with all the Global Climate chatter and all . . .

In a report issued in November, the United Nations declared water “a global crisis,” announcing that 55 member nations are failing to meet their water-related Millennium Development Goal target, agreed upon in 2000, of halving the proportion of people without clean water and sanitation by 2015. The real crisis, experts say, is not a lack of water but a lack of water management. Water doesn’t always appear in the right places, or at the right times. And it has to be cared for. “It’s a terrible situation around the world,” says Peter Rogers, a Harvard environmental engineering professor, “but it doesn’t have to be.”

Click on Title link to view entire article. Thanks to Jane Dauffenbach of Aquarius Systems once again for the submission.

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