New EPA Web Module Offers Watershed Outreach Training

New EPA Web Module Offers Watershed Outreach Training

EPA's Watershed Academy recently posted a free, updated online training module on “Getting In Step: A Guide to Conducting Watershed Outreach
Campaigns.” This module offers a tested step-by-step system to help
local governments, watershed organizations and others maximize the
effectiveness of public outreach campaigns to help solve nonpoint source pollution problems and protect local waterways. The module is based on EPA's free, downloadable outreach guide “Getting in Step: Guide for
Conducting Watershed Outreach Campaigns” (published in Dec. 2003 and posted at:

To view the new Getting in Step online training module, visit

Approximately 50 other free
online Watershed Academy training modules are available at:

submitted by Anne Weinberg
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Communications Coordinator
Assessment and Watershed Protection Division

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