Following a multi-year trend, the administration’s fiscal year 2007 budget request for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows few signs of life. In all, the president has request $7.3 billion for EPA. This amount is below the $7.5 billion the president request last year and below the $7.8 billion that Congress appropriated for the current fiscal year (FY 2006).

While the bottom line for EPA continues to slide, some research programs would see small funding increases in 2007. For instance, within the Office of Research and Development the administration has identified five priority programs: 1) Clean Air and Global Climate Change; 2) Clean and Safe Water; 3) Land Preservation and Restoration; 4) Healthy Communities and Ecosystems; and 5) Compliance and Environmental Stewardship.

Toward these goals, the administration would provide $215 million for the Clean Air and Global Change program, a $5 million increase over the FY 2005 appropriation. The Clean and Safe Water research program would jump to roughly $171 million, approximately $50 million more than the FY 06 mark. Although an identified priority area, the Land Preservation and Restoration program would fall to $12 million, down from the current mark of $15 million and the FY 2005 level of $48 million. Healthy Communities and Ecosystems would receive a bump from $334 million to $348 million. Finally, the Compliance and Environmental Stewardship program would fall from $51 million to $42 million.

This article from the AIBS Public Policy Report courtesy of the North American Lake Management Society and its role as a Member Society in the American Institute of Biological Sciences.

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