2006 Soil & Water Stewardship Week

2006 Stewardship Week: “Water is vital to our life. Water makes up more than 60% of our body, and about 75% of our brain. Water helps make possible our every movement, thought, and feeling.

All our food and most other products we use require water. It takes about 4,000 gallons of water to grow a bushel of corn, and about 11,000 gallons for a bushel of wheat.

We sometimes take water for granted. But this precious resource may become increasingly scarce as we place more demands on fresh water supplies.

To ensure future water supplies, we need to learn about water resources, and plan to use them carefully. To help achieve this goal, NACD has chosen ‘Water Wise’ as the theme for the 2006 Soil and Water Stewardship Week celebration.

Join us as we help share with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and children the very important reasons we all need to be ‘Water Wise.’

Additional information on the theme is available on the Stewardship Website at http://stewardshipweek.com/. You can go directly to Downloadable Materials for leader guides, clip art, promotional material, a sample news release and sample Stewardship Week Proclamations in several formats.”

Thanks to Steve Colvin, North American Lake Management Society Government Affairs Committee, who circulated this information in eNotes frm the National Associaton of Conservation Districts.

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