NALMS 2009 International Symposium • Harford CT • October 24-31, 2009

The theme of the NALMS 2009 International Symposium in Hartford, October 24-31, 2009, is “Ensuring Our Lakes’ Future.” Anyone with ideas concerning interesting topics and speakers for inclusion in either the Symposium program or the lake and watershed steward sub-program is invited to send their ideas to Amy Smagula at as soon as possible. Below is a list of session topics and workshop ideas. Please let Amy know which topics sound most interesting and feel free to add to this list if you think of other topics that others would benefit from.

Topics for Technical Presentations:

  • Alternative and innovative septic systems for nearshore areas and beyond
  • Alum treatments
  • Analyses and case studies of enzymes and bacteria used to manage sediment, algae, and weeds
  • Dams: safety, removal, hydropower, insurance
  • Drawdowns: ecological impacts, benefits, drawbacks, in stream flow, and related topics
  • Ecology and management of shallow lakes
  • Ecology of kettle hole lakes
  • Ecosystem health, watershed report cards
  • Effective and creative lake and watershed education and outreach programs
  • Effects of climate change on water quality/quantity, lakes, and watersheds
  • Emerging and evolving methods in limnology
  • Expecting and managing for water shortages
  • Fisheries ecology and management
  • Integrated management projects
  • Internal loading in lakes
  • Invasive species ecology, prevention, spread, mapping, and management
  • Lakes and energy
  • Lakes as indicators
  • Lake Associations: formation, non-profit status, liability, insurance, activities
  • Large-scale restoration projects
  • Lessons learned from long-time lake managers
  • Monitoring and fate of herbicides
  • New England and Northeastern Lakes
  • Newly recognized and emerging contaminants
  • Nutrient criteria
  • Paleolimnology
  • Predicting and measuring the longevity of management actions
  • Protecting our lakes: examples of local regulatory measures
  • Public trust and lake management
  • Smart growth and planning
  • Stormwater management and impervious surfaces
  • Submerged lands
  • Tech Trade- GIS, remote sensing, and other tools
  • The Critical Edge- shoreline management and protection
  • Toxic algae: distribution, monitoring, prediction, and response
  • Trends and innovations in volunteer monitoring
  • User conflicts and designated uses
  • Watershed management and Low Impact Development (LID)

Topics for Workshops on Tuesday or Saturday:

  • Algal identification
  • Alum treatments
  • Internal loading
  • Aquatic plant identification
  • Aquatic plant management technologies
  • GPS/GIS techniques and technologies
  • Stormwater management

Saturday Lake Steward Workshops:

  • Lake Associations 101: how to form, non-profit status, insurance, activities
  • Sampling 101 for the Volunteer Monitor
  • Ask the lake management expert

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