Making Connections • Peoples, Lakes, Watersheds

Announcing the North American Lake Management Society 26th Annual International Symposium

Indianapolis, Indiana

November 8 – 10, 2006

Indiana has a long and rich history in limnology and lakes. The last glaciers, some 10,000 years ago, covered the northern third of the state with natural lakes. There are virtually no natural lakes in the southern two-thirds of the state but there are plenty of impoundments. Indiana’s 1400 lakes over 5 acres in size include 8 Corps of Engineers projects (10,700-acre Monroe Reservoir is the largest in the state) and Lake Wawasee, at 2,600 acres, the largest natural lake in the state.

Native Hoosier and IU alum Chancey Juday was stimulated by northern Indiana lakes in his youth and later teamed with E.A. Birge in Wisconsin to pioneer the science of limnology. David Starr Jordan, Carl Eigenmann, Will Scott, Shelby Gerking, and David Frey all made important contributions to the science while in Indiana. In 1895, Eigenmann founded the Indiana University Biological Station on Lake Wawasee, one of the first biological stations located on a freshwater lake.

It is in recognition of this rich historythat the theme of the 2006 NALMS International Symposium is “Making Connections – People, Watersheds, Lakes.” This Symposium will emphasize connections between the past and the present; between natural lakes and reservoirs; between watersheds and lakes; and, of course, between people and lakes.

It is easy to connect to Indianapolis and Indiana, the ‘Crossroads of America.’ Four interstate highways converge on Indianapolis, and connection between the Indianapolis International Airport and the conference venue is only a 15-minute drive. The conference venue will facilitate plenty of people-to-people connections as well.

See you in Indy!

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